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Look closely at the picture,
notice the tiny hand curled around the finger of the surgeon.
Five little fingers looking for reassurance?
Five litle fingers saying thanks?
A chance coincidence, or a message from above?

The picture above was taken while doctors attemted to save
this child from spina bifida, a disease that would have caused
severe brain damage.Amazingly technology allows doctors
today to operate on babies still in the womb.
This child is only 21 weeks old.
Legally still eligible for an abortion.

If you are struggling with the decision,
or have decided, that abortion will be the answer to your problems,
take one more look at the picture, then read on.
The heartwrenching decision you have to make is one
of the hardest you will ever encounter, and one that will affect
the rest of your life.

You are probably thinking, I can't afford a child now,
I can't be a mother now, this is the wrong time of my life
to be having a child, or I can't raise a child alone.
Or maybe it is going through the changes that pregnancy brings.
There are so many thoughts and excuses that can make you believe
abortion is the answer, and it will take care of all your problems,

If you terminate the life that is growing within you,
it will be a quick fix for the present, but what about the future?
You may never get the chance to be a mother again.
Or if you do have other children, will you ever be able to forget
the one you had destroyed?
Will you ever be able to see a child without having an ache
in your heart, or feelings of guilt?
On the day you meet the Creator how will you answer the question,

The life you have growing inside you is a gift from God.
There are women that will cry thmselves to sleep tonite
wishing they were able to have a child.
Please take the time to consider this option.
You can give a gift that can mean so much, not only in someone
elses life, but in your own as well.
Through the unselfish act of carrying your child full term,
you can give a childless couple the chance to be parents.
You will be able to look at yourself with the knowledge
of the lives you have touched, and the happiness you have brought.

On that day you meet the Creator, you wont have to answer in defense,
instead you are following the example he gave, with the gift of his son Jesus.
If someone has told you "It's not a life yet"
remember dead things don't grow.
If you are still not convinced, look one more time at the picture
see the value that was put on a childs life,
the same type of life you carry today.
Look at those tiny fingers.
If tears come let them flow,
let the picture touch your heart,
and the hand of God touch your soul.

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