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A Guardian Angel
O'er his life presiding
Doubling his pleasures,
and his cares dividing.

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers:
for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

Through many years and tears,
Good times and bad, successes and failures,
I have journeyed to my spiritual place.
Here I found peace with myself and my God.

Each new day is a gift, a chance to see lifes beauty.
A chance to touch someones heart, or make them smile.
A chance to help an old friend , or make a new one.
A chance to live by the "Golden Rule".

What I believe.

God loves us all and that love is unconditional,
to be wrapped in his arms and feel that love is
the greatest feeling one can know.
We are all here for a reason and some of us may
be back again, or have been here before.
Angels are among us for protection and guidance
but they can have an impish and playful nature too.
Prayer is a powerful thing.

Why I believe.

I went through a very sad and difficult time
in my life, when I was 15. My Mother passed away
at the young age of 51. She was a beautiful, loving
and giving person. No one was a stranger to Mom
they were only friends not made yet. And animals were
a great love of hers too, something which I have inherited
I couldnt understand why God took her from me at a time when
I needed her so. I wept and prayed every night until
I was given an answer. Which has been engarved on my memory
until I pass from this world.
One evening in that netherworld between wakefulness and sleep
a vision came to me, of our Heavenly Father with his hands cupped
in front of his outstretched arms. I peered into his hands and
I saw my Mom in a in a field of daisies.
I wept bitterly but came to realize she was happy and safe
in Gods loving hands.
God has a special place for Mothers in this beautiful
field of dasies. She looked so at peace and happy in that field.
I miss her so.
If you have suffered through the loss
of your Mother, I hope this may ease your pain a little.
Just remember your Mom is happy and safe in God's hands
and probably picking daisies with mine.

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