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The voice on the other end of the line, sounded like an angel to me.
Her voice so sweet I can't describe it.
At first we exchanged information about ourselves,and medical info,
but I felt it was necessary to tell her the story of her birth,
and why I had given her up for adoption.
Beth listened patiently as I related my story,
I was so worried that she would not understand,
and after all these years, I didn't want to lose her again.
After my story was ended, I waited for what I dreaded most,
but Beth was loving and understanding.

As we talked I discovered that she had been raised,
and had lived, just short drives from me.
We found out we both had computers and access to e-mail,
and began to learn of each other through daily e-mails.
Each morning with a cup of tea in hand I would rush to
my computer to see if there was a new letter from her.
I would print them and re-read them several times each day,
as a reminder of how I had been given a second chance.

As we started making plans for a meeting,
I picked out photos of the family to share with her,
as we had decided that a one on one meeting would be the first for us.
There was so much to tell her about her sister and brother,
and the rest of the family, and of course of myself and my life.
Everyone was very curious about Beth, and wanted to meet her also,
but for now it would be just us.
I prayed that in the near future everyone would have the chance to meet
and we could be together as family.

Beth and I decided to meet at a halfway point,
on the drive there I was both excited and nervous.
The hour drive seemed like an eternity.
A million feelings were going through me, I couldn't wait,
all I wanted was to see her again, and hold her in my arms.
I will never forget when Beth pulled up next to me,
I hurried out if the car and so did she,
we walked towards each other with open arms, and hugged one another.
Oh how I had longed for this, and now I didn't want to let go of her.
I immediately could see how much we resembled one another
Since that time we have had many people comment on how much we look alike
We had met at a restaurant, so we went inside, found a table, ordered a soda,
and for the next 5 hours proceeded to share our lives anew.

We had each brought pictures of family and pictures of the past.
I got to see picture of Beth as she was growing up,
and of her family, the ones that had opened their hearts and home to her.
I found out she is married to a wonderful man,
and that she had a 18 month old daughter.
I was a Grandmother again!
I showed her pictures of me when I was pregnant with her,
of my family now, and of my parents, (her grandparents).
The emotion was light and happy through all of this,
until Beth showed me the copy of her baby footprints from the hospital.
At that point the tears poured from my eyes,
and the memories of the day when I was forced to give her up returned.
The emotions ripped through my heart as I remembered,
those precious little feet, and the way I had counted her ten tiny toes.
A habit , I have heard most mothers have.
I looked at Beth and she had tears in her eyes too,
I believe she knew the emotion going through me.
We were in our own world, oblivious to the other people in the restaurant.
We believe the waitresses were aware of what was happening,
as they smiled, and basically let us be to share this special time.

We made plans to get together at a later date,
and all to soon it was time to say goodbye.
But this time I knew it would not be for good,
yet it was still a very hard thing to do.
Tears came easily as I drove towards home, some of joy,
some of pain and regret. I never want to lose my daughter again.
Each day I thank God for the blessings he has given me,
especially for the second chance he gave me with a child I thought
I would never know again.

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