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Beth has fit into the family nicely,
she has shared time with her "new" sister and brother,
and we have all shared time together getting to know each other.
The kids and my husband had known of the fact that I had given a child
up for adoption, so in most respects it was not a shock for them.

Beth and I decided to share our story in hopes,
that we may help others in the same situation.
Feel free to email us also if you have questions.
We are adding a page of sites, that Beth found useful in her search for me.

To anyone that is considering an abortion, I would urge you to reconsider
and choose life. Every life is a gift from God,
and there are couples out there, praying to give your child a home.
Think of the joy you could bring to someone else.
And someday that joy may just find you.
There are so many that were blessed by Beth's birth,
even though at the time, my world could have hardly been darker.
Today I know that the decisions that were made so many years ago
were what was right. I no longer think that God punished me for my actions,
but instead he gave me tough choices, and in the end gave me a second chance.

Thank you for reading our story, my heart and prayers go out to
all of you that are in the same situation.
May you find the happy ending that Beth and I have been blessed with.
Remember that when it seems hope has faded, "Let go, and let God"


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