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Two days had passed since I had put my hopes in God's hands.
After being out on some errands, my husband and I, returned home
to find a message on our answering machine.
The searcher had located my Mom!
My Mom was willing to talk with me! I wasn't a secret,
and she wasn't rejecting me! All the fears I had, were not coming true.
It was a dream come true, I was so excited,
it was almost hard to believe all this was happening.

After a few weeks of signing papers of agreement, and my Mom and I
exchanging pictures and letters, we finally were able to talk on the phone.
Could this really be true? Was this my birthmom on the other end?
I was in the clouds, what a night it was for me.
After a couple more calls our first meeting was arranged,
on that drive I was so nervous, I couldn't wait to hug her
and have my arms around her. Once I arrived we held each other
and cried tears of happiness, just then it began to rain.
I like to believe those raindrops were God's tears of joy for us.
Just looking at her I could tell I belonged to her,
we have so many things in common. I was on such a emotional rush.
This was one of the greatest day's of my life.
Not only had I found my mom, but new family members also.
A sister that I had always wanted, and another brother.

This lifelong journey to search and reunion, was filled with so much emotion.
I thank God, for a mother that chose to give me life,
the wonderful parents that raised me, opening their home and hearts to me,
and for the friends that supported me.
I also give thanks for Him returning my Mom to me, and answering my prayers.

I hope this story gives encouragement and hope to those,
that are just beginning their search. Don't give up hope!
Many times I was ready to, but you see what I would have missed.
For those of you that have been searching for years,
with no luck, trust in God, for he has a plan.
There is a purpose in everything. Good luck to all of you in your journeys, I hope you may know the
blessing of the reunion my Mom and I have shared.

January 2000

I would like to give a very special thank you to my Mother, Lynn
for giving me life, and to my new Father Mike,
for all his work in making all these pages for Mom and I.


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