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"I have a dream"


Hi! I'm Lynn a 47 year old from nothern Indiana,
just a plain old country girl that has a love of flowers
(I have many beautiful flower beds and a vegatable garden).
Birds are also a passion, I have 20 feeders for a wide variety
of wild birds I feed year round. I love nature and feel closest
to God when I am in my gardens.
I also have a soulful attachment to the mountains and oceans

I owned a pet store for 3 years, and during that time I bred,
and hand fed, all the species of birds I sold at the store myself.
I had the sweetest hand tamed birds around.
Unfortunatley I developed an allergy to pet and bird dander
I was forced to sell my business and all my breeder and pet birds,
except for Squirt! Who is Squirt you ask, he is my blue front
amazon parrot, a talker and a mooch that begs for crackers
all the time, laughs at tv with me, or answers my questions.
He is a riot and I love him dearly!

I also have my wonderful companion, my beagle Daisy.
Although she is a pest until her demands are met she is my
faithful sidekick and friend. She suffers from Cushings disease
so instead of being a regular sized beagle she is just this side
of the Goodyear blimp in size!

I have two children: Michele, age 25 who lives just a few miles
from me. She works as a teller and customer service clerk
She is engaged to be married in April, 1999, and is Mom to my
Granddaughter Cassie, age 7. Michele also breeds birds and hand
feeds them to sell as sweet loving companions to their new owners.
She has grown to be a lovely woman that I am very proud of.

My son Jeff, age 21 is attending Purdue University
where he is studying computer science and electricial engineering.
He has been on the Deans list every semester. I am proud of his
scholastic acomplishments. When he is not in school, he works for
Kimberly Clark, and travels to different states, where he works
in different branches of their company doing computer work.

My grand-daughter Cassie likes to come to Grammy's house and help
in the flower beds and vegetable garden. She is a great helper
and I love her bunches!

And last but not least is my wonderful, talented, intelligent,
gifted husband Mike aka
"Bear". Because of his talents I have this
page, and because of him all those nice descriptions of him
were put in ( he wont show me how to put the correct ones in)!
Anyway he makes it look good, while I do the bulk of the work by
writing down what I want here and making him spend long tedious
hours in front of the puter!

See the gang.

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