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Things to do in my world:

Watch a sunset.

Plant a seed and watch it grow into a beautiful flower.

Smell the flowers.

Play in the rain.

Really feel the sun on your face.

Build a snowman.

Listen to the songs of the birds.

Let a weed grow, sometimes they become beautiful flowers
of food for wildlife such as Queens Anne Lace or Thistle.

Take a ride on a swing at the park, Just like when you were a kid
swing high, let your cares go.

Watch the antics of the birds as they feed

Look at the sky, the clouds and the shapes they make
like cotton balls so soft and fluffy.

Lay on a blanket at night and look at the stars.

Take a walk through a garden, watch the insects as they work,
bees pollenating flowers, ants scurrying building their hills,
the catterpiller as he inches his way along so effortlessly,
and the spider as it weaves its delicate piece of art.

Have a picnic under a tree.

Look for a rainbow after the rain,
You might get lucky enough to see a double one.

Walk barefoot in the mud, let it ooze between your toes.

Make angels in the snow.

Find a special spot in a park, in the woods,
or your own backyard, and contemplate the beauty
that we have been given.

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